Cancer Treatments | Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation utilizes an electrode inserted via a needle to send radiofrequency currents which heat up the treatment region to destroy the cancer cells. It is often used for the eradication of liver, bone, lung, kidney tumors. Radiofrequency ablation can be administered directly to the tumor with curative intent, when conventional surgery is not viable or used in the palliative setting for symptom relief. You may have to undergo the procedure several times depending on how many tumors there are and the size of the tumors. 

Your doctor will determine if radiofrequency ablation is an appropriate treatment for you depending on the type and stage of cancer. Please let your doctor know if you are pregnant, have any other past medical history and if you are taking medications, especially blood thinning medications. Radiofrequency ablation is usually done under either a general or local anesthetic and you may experience pain, swelling, numbness and uncommonly an infection after the procedure. Do consult your doctor if you have any pre or post procedure concerns.