Dr. Manish Taneja

Certification of Specialist Training (CCST), UK

Fellowship in Neuro Interventional Surgery, Seattle, USA

Fellowship in Vascular & Interventional Radiology, Toronto, Canada

Senior Interventional Radiologist & Neuro interventionist
Visiting Consultant 

Clinical Interests: Interventional Radiology

Dr. Manish Taneja is a Visiting Consultant Neurointerventionist at Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology (AARO).​

Dr. Manish Taneja is dual trained and certified as a Vascular /Interventional Radiology and Neurointerventional Specialist.

He did his medical rotations followed by residency and specialist training in the UK with Certification of Specialist Training (CCST, UK). This was followed by a one-year fellowship in Vascular and Interventional Radiology at University Health Network, Toronto, Canada. He did another one-year fellowship in Neurointerventional Radiology/Neurointerventional Surgery at Harborview Medical Centre, Seattle, USA

Dr. Manish joined as a consultant at the Vascular and Interventional Centre at Singapore General Hospital from 2006 to 2012. He started private practice at Raffles Hospital in 2012 at the Raffles Neuroscience Centre and Raffles Vascular Intervention Centre till July 2020. He joined his current practice at Vascular and Interventional Centre in July 2020, where he is based full-time. He is also affiliated with Asia Brain Spine and Nerve Medical Centre

Dr Manish has special interest in Interventional Oncology. He is involved in all aspects of interventional oncology such as biopsies, drainage, vascular access, trans-arterial and percutaneous cancer therapies, organ ablation, vascular and venous procedures, pain management.

As a neuro-interventional specialist, Dr. Manish  is proficient in performing endovascular and image-guided brain and spine procedures. He has a particular interest in the treatment of brain aneurysms, stroke, and vascular malformations. He also does interventional pain management procedures for the spine, joints and bone pain

As a vascular and interventional radiology specialist, Dr. Manish Taneja looks after peripheral vascular disease, aneurysms, dialysis interventions, venous diseases like deep vein thrombosis, and varicose veins/spider veins/reticular veins. He is also competent in performing newer endovascular procedures such as uterine artery embolization, prostate artery embolization, genicular artery embolization, and erectile dysfunction interventions

Dr. Manish Taneja has performed and proctored cases in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and Hong Kong

He is also well published with articles in many leading peer-reviewed journals.

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