The CSR Experience

A Vibrant Community of Radiation Oncology Experts

We bring together a dynamic team of experts who prioritise clinical excellence & mastery. They are passionate in developing customised radiotherapy solutions because they believe that every patient is unique.

The Latest Advance Radiation Techniques & Technology

We are equipped with highly specialised and state-of-the-art radiation technologies, allowing our team to treat cancers of all modalities & complexities.

Our experienced team has developed internationally accredited quality management systems that ensure that every treatment will be of the highest standard and carried out with precision and accuracy.

Personalised & Mindful Service

We take much care in designing our patient experiences because we value their privacy, comfort & dignity.

Nestled in the green enclave of Bukit Timah in Central Singapore, our patients undergo their treatment in privacy and away from the crowds.

Our complimentary parking and concierge services are our way of making the already challenging journey easier for our patients.

To accompany their radiation treatment, our patients can pre-select from a range of mood lights, curated music playlist & artisanal tea.

And yes, we are always willing to listen to our patients because we believe that healing happens best when we care for both body and soul.