Our AARO doctors, Dr Daniel Tan and Dr Andrew Tan were invited to the Peak Magazine’s round table discussion on ‘Life Beyond 120’, a spotlight on healthcare in our golden years.
At the dinner, they discussed the role of medical technologies, particularly in our fields of Oncology and Nuclear Medicine. They considered how these technologies contribute positively toward early diagnosis, more effective treatments and lower side effects, all of which play a part in elevating the quality of life as life expectancy continues to increase.
Dr Daniel Tan emphasised the need for advanced yet holistic medical care to maintain a longer life expectancy. “Life Beyond 120 relates to this in that currently one in three people will develop cancer in their lifetime, so it’s just as important to minimise the side effects of treatment and help rejuvenate a patient’s mind and body post-cancer treatment, so they can lead healthy and productive lives.”
At AARO, we are committed to harnessing technology to treat cancer, doing so with precision to minimize collateral damage to the surrounding healthy cells. With a focus on promoting quality of life, we pay close attention to side effects management and offer holistic recovery programs so as to prepare the patient for a brand new life after cancer.
Read the full article here at The Peak Singapore: Life Beyond 120
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